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Established in 2010, our Group provides the best chiropractic treatment and quality care to all patients and strives to help every individual achieve his/her optimal health naturally. When it comes down to one’s own health, it is both the responsibility of all individuals and of all health professionals to find out what are the options available and in addition, it is the responsibility of all health professionals to inform or educate the public of the benefits or the side effects of other methods and their individual expertise. This information will allow the public to make a well-informed decision for themselves. We believe that as health professionals, our number one reason of why we are here, is for mankind to have the right to receive the appropriate health advice and best care possible from their expertise.

Too often, people have suffered and endured pain, dysfunction, chronic disorders and lowered quality of life. These patients are usually left abandoned or have been told that they have to “Live With It!” This is extremely hard to accept. Over the past 100 years, chiropractors around the world have experienced, seen, treated with our hands many patients who can testify no more debilitation or discomfort that used to limit their movement, their quality of life, their ability to finally pick up their children and play with them. These are the inspiring stories that drive chiropractors around the world. Chiropractic philosophy is based on the scientific fact that every function in our body is controlled by our brain. The brain controls every cell, organ, structure in our body by sending signals to and fro the spine to those tissues. Our body has the natural capacity to heal itself, provided all the correct factors such as proper spinal alignment, nerve flow and nutrition are all in place. If there is any misalignment in our spine, these signals and messages will be interrupted thus affecting our health. This is called SUBLUXATION.

In True Chiropractic Group, we believe that everyone should be healthy and we achieve this through the most drug-free, non-surgical and natural way that our body has known since the dawn of time. Most importantly, try us first. Do not give up!!!

Our Vision is:

A Healthy, Strong, Inspired Singapore.

Our Mission is:

To educate families on a natural approach to optimal health.
To provide exceptional healthcare experience, focused on quality, value, and results.
To develop a community that inspires everyday people to change their lives through the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

What our clients Say

I have had a really positive experience here ever since my first visit. Dr Julia Held provides such a professional and personalized care for my concerns regarding my sciatica and I’m glad that I’ve made the decision to try out chiropractic while it’s still not too late. It also helps that the clinic is so close to home in Punggol so coming for appointment is very convenient. With an improvement to my general well-being, I feel that I am putting the money where is certainly counts. Thank you Julia and Aina for such a friendly and warm service.



When I first time came, I was suffering back pain and I was when up during middle of night and I could not get enough sleep and energy for my day work. After getting treated by Dr. Robert for the first few times, things get better and better and I have a high quality of sleep and an full of energy all day. Thanks Dr. Robert for the help and improvement to my life.

Jack Chen


Dear Dr. Robert, It is a great pleasure having you to treat my back & neck ache. It’s strange, when you touched & cracked my back & neck, it feels good. I believe chiropractic does help and of course with Dr. Robert experience, it’s even better. Yes, I will continue the therapy and refer patient too! Cheers!!!

Linda Ang


Three years ago, I suffered a bad sprain on my lower back when I lifted a box from the boot of my car. I was on medical leave for one month and taking pain killer to ease the pain. I went to several massage the therapies hoping to get it better but it was not the result I have expected. I was recommended to meet Chiropractor Robert Winet at True Chiropractic Clinic in Tampines. After attending a few sessions of the Chiropractic therapy, my lower back has improved significantly and thereafter, I was no longer taking pain killer tablet. I would highly recommend Dr. Robert Winet at True Chiropractic Clinic to anyone suffering the same back pain.

Mazlan Bin Haron


Dr. Robert is very friendly and knowledgeable about his stuff. He never fails to answer my doubts regarding my physical health. After about a month of treatments I began to feel healthier. Previously, I would not complete my 2.4km run, but now I can.

Kang Lei


Dr. Robert has done a very good job as a chiropractic doctor. He has given very good advice to me on how to improve me overall health too. He also shared with me his personal experiences on how to improve my posture so that it will help to reduce stress on my injured parts. Really appreciate his time and effort! I really feel great now! Thanks.

Kong Kah Leong