C.A.T.S – Cranial Adjusting Turner Style

A. C.A.T.S is a scientifically proven, neurologically based and subluxation specific cranial adjusting technique. It produces very dramatic results on physical, neurological and mental conditions, many of which were previously thought of as incurable. It is basic Chiropractic philosophy: when a cranial bone is out of place, it causes neurological dysfunction; put it back into place and restore that function.

Cranial Adjusting Turner Style is a system of healing that subtly affects the flow of cerebral spinal fluid. Gentle pressure is applied to different areas of the skull, many patients find C.A.T.S to be very relaxing while simultaneously producing extraordinary results for difficult to treat conditions.

C.A.T.S can be used to help treat patients suffering from headaches/migraines, insomnia, trauma, metal alertness and Development Challenges.


CAT’s results are dramatic. After the adjustment

• Non verbal Autistics speak

• Learning disabled children can read noticeably better

• Chronic headaches disappear

• Noses get straightened

• TMJ’s are unstuck

• Measurable indents are reduced and often eliminated

• Vision improves

• Hearing is restored

• Brain fog is lifted